Listen For The Silent Wings

Friends September 20, 2011

my friends:

is one of my closest friends. she is 10 but younger than me by 3 months.
We have known each other for 3 years.We are BFFs forever!!
p.s. to Monet if you have noticed i copied most of
it from your blog.Dont get mad at me.

is also one of my friends.we have know each other for about 1 year and 3 quarters.
she became my friend when i transferred schools during the middle of the year in 4th grade.
During 5th grade (on the second day of school)she changed schools.


14 Responses to “Friends”

  1. Tigertabby Says:

    I wont get mad. We are BFFs FOREVER!!!

  2. momo Says:

    oh an cat, i like your avatar. the wolf. oh and do you say your website like shadow howl,like a wolf howls or shadow owl like the bird?

  3. momo Says:

    Cat Rules!!!

  4. momo Says:

    ( Lauren ) Aww. Thats sad. you must miss her. do you keep in touch?

  5. Tigertabby Says:

    cool and who’s Anna

  6. Tigertabby Says:

    nice. you mean on yahoo email penpal?

  7. Tigertabby Says:


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