Listen For The Silent Wings

hello people of this awesome planet.!!!! September 19, 2011

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5 Responses to “hello people of this awesome planet.!!!!”

  1. Tigertabby Says:


  2. Tigertabby Says:

    Cat did you know you can make your pic show up where the W is on the top where you type in the site? just go to settings and choose a picture to your liking.

    • shadowowl Says:

      what???!!!!! i did not get one thing that you said

      • Tigertabby Says:

        okay go to settings. then in the top right hand corner there is a little place where you can put a picture. then click browse and choose a photo. once the photo is uploaded and croped, you log out and wait. it takes a ling time to upload. when you go back on it should be there.

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